Trouble Transferring Between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs


My new windows 8.1 PC doesn’t connect to my old Windows 7 PC using your Plugable transfer cable. I successfully loaded the Easy Computer Sync software on both PCs. My old (7) PC sees the new (8.1) PC but the new PC doesn’t let me access the old PC. Any ideas?


Hi Dave,

Thank you for posting your question here. I’m sorry about the troubles with the cable.

Usually with the Bravura Easy Computer Sync cable, after clicking Next twice from the opening screen on both computers, you’ll see a screen that says “Waiting for Connection.” Then it will go to a screen that says “Connection Detected,” followed by the Tools screen offering several different ways to use the cable. I’ve pasted a screenshot of it below.


The choices are Sync Files, Transfer Data to New Computer, Drag & Drop files and Control Other Computer.

Were you able to get this far?

If so, which choice did you make?

This will help me understand what is wrong.

Thank you,

Plugable Support


Hi Dave,

I’m checking back to see if you were able to get your transfer working.

Please let me know!

Plugable Support