Triple display usb dock: some usb peripherals (and hubs) not working on USB ports with dual display connected.

Hi, I’ve just installed the Triple Display USB Dock on my MacBook Pro 2016 13 inch (no touch bar) and have two displays connected. Displays are working fine but USB connection seems not to recognize some old peripherals (a usb 2.0 printer and a usb mouse dongle). I’ve also a 1TB 2,5 inch HD connected to the dock (I’ve tested all 4 USB ports) and it works fine. Can you please help?

Hello Luigi,

Thanks for contacting us. Sorry to hear about this issue.

The first thing I would check is that your printer is supported in the latest version of macOS Sierra. We’ve seen a few times when printers aren’t detected, it’s from something like that. Usually we wouldn’t see a printer be incompatible at a hardware level with the dock, but it is possible. Can you tell me what model printer you have?

For the mouse, again if it isn’t too much trouble, can you tell me what model?

Glad to hear other devices do work fine on the dock at least.


Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify the issue, both devices were previously plugged through another USB-C hub and were working fine.

The printer is an Epson BX 300 -F, this is fully supported under Sierra 10.12.2. The mouse is a microsoft wireless USB mouse, fully supported under macos and as said previously connected and working through another USB-C HUB. Actually I had and usb 2.0 hub connected to the USB-C hub and both devices connected to the 2.0 hub and working fine.

My current configuration of the triple display dock is:

  • AOC monitor model Q2770P connected to HDMI 4k
  • HP monitor Pavillon 23xi connected to the HDMI (second port)
  • AOC Monitor USB HUB connected to one of the back usb 3.0 ports of docking station.
  • Seagate USB 3.0 2,5 inch HD connected to the docking usb 3.0 back port

The two minotors and the HD are working fine. I’ve tried to connect mouse and printer to the docking directly and through the AOC usb hub or through my old usb 2.0 hub. In both cases the mouse and printed are just not there. They are not recognized by the dock at all.

The docking is using this driver: DisplayLink Installer 78548 (latest version available from the Display link web site).

Please let me know if we can fix. Thanks a lot for the help.


Hi Luigi,

Thanks for the information. the fist thing I would check is that you’re using the USB-C cable that shipped with our dock. Using another cable could cause the dock to behave strangely with USB devices.

If you’re already using the cable that the dock shipped with, we’ll need to explore other options.

Does moving the printer and mouse to different USB ports on the dock make any difference?


Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I’using the power cable and the USB-C cable supplied with the dock.

The two devices (mouse and printer) don’t work on any of the USB ports. I’m quite sure though that the ports of the docking station are working because I’ve connected the HD on all four and it is ok.

I hope you can solve.

Thanks, Luigi

Hi Josh, Any good news for me? Regards, Luigi

Hi Luigi,

Sorry for the delayed reply. We’ve been testing here and I think the best course of action may be to try sending you a pretested replacement dock under warranty and see if that helps.

Please send an email to with your Amazon Order ID or other proof of purchase, the serial # off the bottom of the dock, and the best shipping address.