Transfers from partitioned disc (C,D, and E) to unpartitioned C drive

How should I transfer files from a hard drive with 3 partitions (C,D, and E) to the C drive with no partitions on the new PC? I have lots of space on the new C drive but I am concerned how the files from the 3 partitions will be filed. E primarily has historical documents like scanned pdf’s filed under various categories. Partition D primarily has non-Windows applications. I have already installed most of the applications on the C drive of the new PC.

Also, WET is showing the user “QB Data Service User23” which must have been created when the program was installed on the old PC. Should I create that same user on the new PC even though I have already installed QB on the new machine?

I will appreciate your help,
Richard Miller

We sent Richard a direct response via our private email ticketing system. Posting it below in case it will benefit others:

Often, the WET software will not automatically transfer data in drives/partitions other than “C”. In this scenario, the best approach is to use the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software, which will allow you to drag and drop folders between machines manually, allowing you to migrate data from other partitions.

A few additional notes:
-Many people choose to perform the WET process first, then use the Bravura software afterwards to copy things in custom locations that WET did not automatically transfer.
-You should have received an email after purchase with a license key for the Bravura software. If you did not receive this, please provide your Amazon Order ID and we’ll be glad to look up your order and resend the corresponding email.
-Bravura just recently updated their software, and we’ve made substantial updates to our support site to reflect the new process. Please follow the link and scroll down to “Methods for transferring files between two computers” for an overview of the options, including some pointers for drag & drop transfers (“Method 3”):…

Regarding the QB Data Service User account, I was unable to find any conclusive information about this. I would suspect that Quickbooks would create this account on its own during installation if needed, but that is just an educated guess. Considering the critical nature of Quickbooks to most businesses that use it, it might be worth an email or forum post on their site for clarification.