Transferring Data to the D drive of a computer when using the Easy Transfer Cable and Easy Computer Sync Software

Many recent computers combine a small, speedy solid-state drive (SSD) for system files with a larger, slower hard disk D: drive for data files. This can pose a problem when migrating from an older computer using the Plugable Windows Transfer cable because the data files and operating system files should go to two different drives. In some cases, even without an SSD, people want to put their data on a second drive separate from their system drive.

This blog post offers help in accomplishing this:

It is also possible to accomplish this using the Drag & Drop function to transfer files and folders from the C:/users/<your_user_name/ directory on your old computer to any desired directory on your new computer. Be sure to select “Show System Folders” at the upper-right of the Drag & Drop screen in the Easy Computer Sync software. It considers your user folders to be system folders.

After transferring your files, you can use the instructions in the “Changing your default user folders to the ones you transferred” section at the bottom of the blog post to set those folders on the D: drive as the default folders used by Windows for Documents, Pictures, Music, Downloads, etc.

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