Transfer from Vista 64bit to WIndows 8

I just purchased USB 2.0 Easy Transfer Cable to transfer files from my Vista 64bit laptop to Windows 8 “AMD A6-4400M Accelerated 2.7GHz up to 3.2GHz with AMD Turbo Core Technology 3.0 1MB L2 Cache Processor”. After reading reviews I noticed that there may be a problem transferring from 64bit. Will this be a problem for me? If so, is there a solution? I haven’t received the cable yet, but I wanted to be able to return it unopened if I can’t use it.

Hi Rose-

Thanks for posting with your question!

As long as your new PC is also 64 bit, you should be good to go. Transferring from a old 64 bit pc down to a new 32 bit PC isn’t supported, however 64 bit to 64 bit transfers are.

Customers who purchase our cable can also use Bravura Easy Computer Sync, which does support transfers from an old 64 bit pc to a new 32 bit pc.

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Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies