Transfer email and outlook seetings and archives from Win Vista to Win 7. Files first or Programs?

Is it possible to transfer outlook calendar, email messages, archived emails, accounts and settings from a Win Vista 32 bit to a Win 7 64 bit machine using the plugable easy transfer cable?

Also, does it matter if i transfer the files first or install the programs first?

Hi Arpita-

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The Easy Transfer Cable is a great solution for transferring “normal” files like your photos, music, videos, and documents, and even Windows settings like your background and if you’ve selected DPI scaling or other options in Windows. That said Easy Transfer has a known issue with transferring Outlook PST’s. Please see this link on Microsoft’s site for details on alternate methods to transfer Outlook settings.…

To take this one step further I would caution you against assuming that ANY programs or application data will be moved by Easy Transfer. Easy Transfer can be used to transfer files other than the standard Photos/Music/Docs type user content, however this typically has to be done manually, and it’s definitely a better idea to install any applications you need to import data into before trying to import the data. I’ve seen several cases where Easy Transfer imported data, but then I still had to manually do things like edit permissions and other fairly advanced troubleshooting to be able to import these files into their respective applications- these frustrating experiences have led me to recommend planning manual application data imports instead of hoping Easy Transfer would handle them for me.

While we also provide a license for Bravura Easy Computer Sync with our cable, the same advice about needing to first install applications and then import their data manually applies.

I hope this is useful information, please feel free to let me know if you’ve any other questions.

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Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies

I purchased the Easy Transfer Cable specifically to transfer my Outlook PST email to another computer. So, if I understand the above correctly, the Easy Transfer Cable and software cannot achieve this goal?