?Transfer Both Ways?

Will the U3 transfer data both ways (PC to Dock and/or Dock to PC)? I have an old XP that’s DOA. I want to remove the HDD and transfer data to my Win 7 laptop. Also, later I want to transfer data from my laptop to a larger replacement HDD. Are these instructions in the owners manual? If the U3 don’t have these features, what model does?


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Indeed, yes, drives in the U3 are both readable and writable, assuming the partitions on the drive are in Windows-friendly formats. A Windows XP computer’s drive should work with no reformatting under Windows 7.

No instructions for this are included, as the drive will function like any other USB attached storage device: you’ll see a new d/e/f (whatever the first unused letter on your system is) drive in Windows Explorer. Further details on this process are here:

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