Toggling computers

We have a single internet connection in our repair shop, and want to switch the connection between a desktop and laptop. We’re looking at your “Plugable USB switch for one-button swapping of USB devices”. Would that let us toggle the internet connection between the two computers?
Lorne Truscott

Hi Lorne,

Thanks for contacting Plugable with your question about the USB 2.0 switch we sell. We appreciate your interest.

You could use the switch to toggle an Internet connection between two computers with the following setup.

From your router, you’d want to run an Ethernet cable to a USB Ethernet adapter. Plugable offers two (or you can choose from many other manufacturers’ offerings):

If your router is not Gigabit speed, there’s no need to spend the extra money on a Gigabit adapter.

First you’d want to plug the USB Ethernet adapter separately into each computer to get it recognized on both systems.

If these are Windows computers, Windows will try to install the necessary drivers for the adapter, but an Internet connection is needed. If you have another means to connect the computer to the Internet (WiFi, an internal network adapter), please leave that connection enabled while plugging in the USB adapter.

If you don’t have another way to connect the computer to the Internet, you can use the drivers installation CD that comes with our adapters.

Once you have confirmed that the USB Ethernet adapter works on each computer, you can plug it into the device port on the switch and connect each computer to the switch with the two included USB Type A to Type B cables.

Now either computer should be able to connect to the Internet through the adapter. When the green light is on, computer A will be using the connection through the adapter. Press the button on the switch, the red light should come on, and computer B will be using the connection through adapter.

I hope this information has helped to answer your question. Please don’t hesitate to write again if you need additional information. We’re here to help.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies