Thunderbolt device not detected

I have an Alienware R17 R3 and I am trying to use a plubable Thunderbolt3 to HDMI device. I have updated my BIOS and Drivers but the Plugable is still not being found. I shows in the DEVICE MANAGER as Universal Serial Bus Device> TBT3-HDMI2X-83 but the device does not show in the Thunderbolt Software. Any help is appreciated

Hello Carl,

Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately your model Alienware is known to be incompatible. At best it’s only going to offer a single video output over Thunderbolt 3 due to DisplayPort line routing from the graphics card inside the system. So any Thunderbolt 3 device, dock, adapter, etc regardless of brand will have this limitation.

As such, since our adapter cannot work to the full potential on this model system, it’s probably best to return for a full refund. If you need assistance doing so please just let me know.

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Hello Carl,

Should you require any further assistance just contact us at