Thunderbolt 4 Finally working on Windows 10 Version 21H1

Thanks for the community here, I spent hours trying to get my Thinkpad X1 Titanium Gen 1 laptop working on 3 4k/2560 X 1440 displays.
First thing to know I have a HP Spectre 360, with Thunderbolt 3, works fine on three screens, most notable in the display settings for the laptop display was set to “Disconnect this display” in 3 screen mode. The Thinkpad X1 with Thunderbolt 4 kept coming up with just the laptop display and one of the 4k displays, not what I wanted, setting the laptop display to “Disconnect this display” was NOT on the dropdown. I used the cleaner software reinstalled older display link mentioned here no improvement. FYI in the Device Manager “Plugable UD-ULTC4K” was installing twice.
I went to the Display Link Website
The new driver release June 2nd 2021, Release: 10.1 M1 fixed the problem immediately after doing the display link cleaner and installing this release.
This just feedback, I’ve read the posts here that helped, just wanted to share.


Thank you for providing this feedback! This appears to be related to an issue we have been tracking with an Intel Iris Xe Graphics Driver update and the DisplayLink software. The ThinkPad X1 Titanium Gen 1 relies on the Intel Iris Xe Graphics hardware and, most likely, has an affected driver version that prevented the DisplayLink software from working correctly. The DisplayLink 10.1 M1 DisplayLink software release was pushed forward to specifically resolve this issue.

I am glad that this is now working correctly on the new ThinkPad X1 Titanium Gen 1 system, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help, and have a great day!

Plugable Technologies