Thunderbolt 3 on 2017 MAC Book Pro using the 2m 20Gbps USB-c cable

The cable that comes with the docking station is super short so I purchased the:
Plugable Thunderbolt 3 (20Gbps) USB-C Cable, 5A, 2m

I know the cable that comes with the dock is 40Gbps but I mostly do office work and I like having dual monitors (one through the display link the other with USB-C to HDMI Dongle. With the cord that comes with the docking station both monitors work perfect (both momitors are Samsungs CH711 32") but when I plug in the 2m cord only 1 monitor comes on. I’ve tried this with my HP zbook with thunderbolt and it works the same with either cord (both monitors work). Do I need a different cord? is there a firmware upgrade that fixes this? any help would be appreciated

Hi xkenricx,

In order to narrow down the issue, we need to know a bit more information about your setup and the symptom. Could you directly contact us at with the following information?

  1. Plugable sells different types of docking stations. Could you specify which docking station you are using?
  2. Which monitor can be displayed (either DisplayLink or USBC-HDMI dongle) with the 2m cable?
  3. What is the OS version of 2017 MacBook Pro 2017 ?
  4. What is the model of “HP Zbook with thunderbolt” PC and version of Windows?


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