the usb audio product seems to be interfering with my wireless router

it seems that my linksys wireless router and the synic wireless audio system are conflicting wit each other. I set my router on a different channel to see if that helped it but it didnt. cant get online with the usb thing pluged in, if it does get online then i get major static.

Hi Don,

Thanks for contacting us! The SYNIC chipset (in our USB wireless audio adapter which last sold in 2011) uses the same 2.4 Ghz band as Wifi, etc. So conflicts (in either direction) are definitely possible – but can be made better or worse by antenna position.

The biggest benefit you’ll see is by getting the USB transmitter farther away from your Wifi antenna on the laptop.

If you have a powered USB hub, try moving the USB wireless audio transmitter to that. If not, we’d recommend a passive extension cable like this one:–M…

Radio interference will decrease by the square of the distance … so even a little distance between radios can help a lot.

Hope that background helps. Just let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

Thanks again for asking!

the reciever and the router are prolly bout 10’ apart and my laptop and router are in different rooms, but the transmitter is plugged right into my laptop, so yes maybe the ext cable would help, or maybe even move my router too. thanks!

last night i was having issues with the usb audio device. i unplugged my wireless router, that didnt fix it. i disabled all internt connections through network settings on my laptop,that didnt fix it either. i moved laptop within 3’ of the recieving device,that didnt fix it. i pressed the paring button the transmitter repeatedly, it cleared up the prob temporarily. why did that seem to work? now when it gets staticy i repeatedly press that button and after a few presses it works for a while. what is really goin on with this? im a bit confused with all of this…?

Hi Don - Thanks for posting. I’m not certain, but sounds like conflicts.

Wireless devices use a range of spectrum to transmit, and adjust their signal based on what frequency bands are in use.

It sounds like re-establishing the connection may be helping because the wireless transmitter re-adjusts to what other channels are in use, and picks a clear channel. Then once other 2.4Ghz devices shift again, the noise may come back.

Is there any chance you’re in an environment with a lot of 2.4Ghz devices? A good way of checking is to look at how many Wifi networks are visible to your PC.

To set expectations, I’m not sure if we’ll have an ironclad solution – we’re just looking for the best possible workaround for your environment.

Best wishes and thanks!

thanks for your continual help. i have 1 wireless network other than mine in the area when i view available networks. my wireless router is on channel 10
(2.457 ghz). i can change it from channel 1 to 11. do you think that it matters what channel the router is on?

i have tried the linksys music bridge and also a bluetooth device, both had problems. the music bridge was good but it seemed to have interferance too and then just quit working and linksys no longer supports it. the bluetooth had poor sound quality. somebody has to hav made a device that streams audio wirelessly that works flawlessly. so far this usb device is the best that i hav tried but its still only about 80% reliable at best. do you know any other devices that wireless stream audio?

Hi Don-

I’ve had my eye on this thread and wanted to chime in that LONG before I was at Plugable I was mildly obsessed with the idea of wireless audio for a few years. I spent more money and time than I care to think about on it, and frankly gave up due to the continually mediocre (at best) results I got. If you happen to find the holy grail of wireless sound I’ll be equally thrilled and shocked, and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to let me know and prove me wrong if you do find it!

Bernie knows more than I do about signal interference, and his advice about relocating the transmitter away from the laptop is probably the best that anyone could offer- a USB extension cable and a few feet between the transmitter and the laptop is your best option. One other option I can suggest would be a dual-band 2.4/5ghz wireless N router and wifi card. 5ghz only devices would be even better, but that can be very hard to find. You could set the easier to find dual band ones to run at 5ghz only instead of on both bands, and thus avoid interference.

The downside to this idea (other than being much more expensive) is that 5ghz has poor wall-penetrating performance. 5ghz is fantastic in large rooms and noisy 2.4 ghz environments, but go though a couple walls and the signal drops off drastically if not entirely. I just wanted to share those observations since I was in the same boat you are a few years ago- hope this is helpful info.

You might get some benefit from playing with your router’s wifi channel: many consumer routers use automatic channel selection, so determining if yours does and if setting it to a particular channel will actually keep it there might be worthwhile, but if I were in your shoes I’d just buy a powered usb extension cable, put that transmitter up high, away from any metal stuff, and see what location gave the best signal.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies

thanks, i guess i will try the ext cable. whats another 5-10$ at this point. i will try it and report back. i did disable my wireless network in network connections and still had issues but maybe that doesnt completely turn the wifi on my laptop off?

Hi Don-

My best guess on still having issues even with laptop wifi off is that other stuff in the PC (bluetooth, Intel WiDi, other) could still be causing interference, if it’s not just ambient noise.

Not that we’re trying to sell you even more stuff, but FYI you may/may not have good luck with a simple passive usb extension- we don’t sell those due to the unpredictable results. Active extensions tend to be a bit more reliable than the passive type, with the shortest length being 16ft, our $10 one should do the trick:

For example, I can run my wireless keyboard/mouse over a passive extension no sweat, but trying to plug in a hard drive or usb graphics device is a no go- the concern here is the amount of power available to the transmitter at the end of the extension.

Hope this helps!



i ordered this one from a few posts above…–M…

i guess i will try that and if that doesnt work mayb i will try the active one.

Hi Don-

That *looks* from first glance, to also be an active type, so I *think* from first glance, it should work :slight_smile:

If not, we’ll be here!



just got the ext cord…ran a test using my friends laptop without cord, had the same problems as earlier reported…static, problems with internet connecting. that told me that it wasnt an isssue specific to my laptop. then i tried it with his laptop and ext cord and and had no problems.

tried without ext cord and my laptop, same prob as i hav been having.

tried with ext cord and my laptop, no prob as of yet.

ok, so, i will be listening to music all evening and periodicly getting online to try to make it fail.

this may be the fix…will report back in a day or two with results

thanks guys!

dang, its back to its old tricks again. it worked for quite a while last night but started actin up. same today too. the reason i hav to do this wirelessly is because my headphone out jack is damaged. i bought this laptop new in 2004 and its still kickin…i cant see any reason to replace it just because the audio out jack is jacked up.

is ther a way to connect my laptop to my stereo using a usb cable? my stereo has rca in, so i would need some sort of usb cable with male rca ends.

Hi Don-

You might be able to use some sort of USB-audio adapter like one of these:…

Prices range from into the hundreds for recording grade stuff to as little as $10-20 for a basic device.

Plus a simple headphone to RCA adapter cable available at most any RadioShack or other BestBuy type retailer.…

Hope this helps, best wishes!


will look into the the usb solution.
the reason i cant use headphone to rca is because my headphone out jack on laptop is damaged and doesnt work. that was how i was sending music to my stereo in the past and worked flawlessly until my jack got jacked up.

found this, but ouch! the price!…