The UGA-4KDP on 3440x1440 sometimes goes black

The UGA-4KDP works with 3440x1440 but I often have problems with it:
-) sometimes after unlocking the pc the screen stays black
-) sometimes after unlocking the pc the screen turns half black (guess the software sees divides the 3440x1440 into 2 screens of 1720x1440)

I’ve found no way to recover from this besides rebooting first, which does not bring back the screen. Then doing a PC shutdown and restart most of the times solves the issue. Sometimes a few cycles are needed.

This issue happened with the 7.8 drives on Win8.1 and now also with the 7.9RC drives on Windows 10.

Any advice on how to get this resolved?

Hi Bert,

Very unusual behavior you’re reporting.

Many higher-resolution displays use two or more LCD panels that are stitched together internally to achieve their higher resolution. Both of these panels are managed internally by the display’s firmware, and only presented to the graphics adapter as a single, large resolution monitor. I’ve not had any other reports of a USB graphics adapter only engaging half of a large very high resolution display. If at all possible, it would be ideal to test the USB adapter with a different display just to see if it functions as it should.

We’ll want to take a look at some of the DisplayLink log files to see if they give an indication what’s happening. You’ll want to gather logs using the tool below when the display is in one of the non-working states that you describe.

After the tool completes, it will save a .ZIP file to your Desktop which you can then email to (please put Ticket 110892 in the subject). We’ll see if the logs shed any light on things.

Also, has this been an issue since initial setup, or did things initially work as they should and only recently start behaving this way?


Thanks Gary!

The half black screen is not occurring that often, but I’ve seen it a number of times. Next time the issue (complete black screen) occurs I’ll run the tool and mail the results. This issue has been there from the beginning (April, ordered via Amazon UK), so it’s not something introduced recently. When the screen goes black the power led on the plugable device also is off. Rebooting does not turn the device back on (led stays off) and as such no screen display.

I’ve also upgraded to 7.9 RTM, but since the changelog is not indicating this problem I’m not sure if it will make a difference.

PS: I’ve a UD-3900 connected to the same PC and that one always keeps working.