The right Hub for Venue 8 pro with OTG cable


Will the USB2-HUB10C2 work best with the Venue 8 Pro connected to an OTG to add a keyboard, mouse, external 1TB small drive, and a projector?

Robert Street


Hi Robert,

Thank you for asking! I’d be happy to assist.

Yes the USB2-HUB10C2 should work fine with the Dell Venue 8 Pro with a OTG cable. However, the Hub doesn’t have any special functionality to charge the Venue 8 Pro. Since DV8P has only one microUSB port to connect and charging, please note that once the battery gets low you need to unplug the Hub then plug the AC adapter to it.

Actually we are working on a USB docking station specialized for DV8P that can connect a various USB devices while charging the tablet. We are hoping it will be released really soon but sorry we cannot tell exactly when, yet, at this point. If you are interested, please find the information from here:…

Since you are thinking to connect a projector, it would be better to use a docking station that has at least a graphics port, such as our UD-3900 or UD-3000. (But please remember those current docks don’t have the function to charge DV8P, neither.) If you are using just a USB Hub such as the USB2-HUB10C2, you’d need t o add a USB graphics adapter in order to connect the projector.

I hope the above information helps. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact to our support team (

Thanks again for asking us!
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Hi Robert,

I’d just wanted to let you know that Plugable starts selling the new USB 2.0 docking station for Dell Venue 8 Pro. It is designed to charge your Dell Venue 8 Pro while connecting external USB devices at the same time. We have already sent the first batch to our Kickstarter backers last week, and it’s now available through…

Hope this helps!

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