The product links on Amazon from the currently not-available Plugable UD-3900 point to UD-3000 docking stations.

Amazon links point to the wrong product when drilling down for details.

Hi Mike - Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, sales got ahead of us and we’re currently out of stock of the UD-3900 (the dual head variation), so Amazon’s listing can only show the UD-3000 single head variation.

More units are en route to the Amazon warehouse, and hope to have the UD-3900 back in stock by end of day Monday.

Once that happens, you’ll see both single and dual head options listed on Amazon, at their respective prices.

If you’d like us to email when the UD-3900 is back in stock, feel free to email letting us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll be happy to reply back when the units are there.

Thanks again!

Bernie, doesn’t look like that is the issue. Click to show items not available, get the 3900, click to get details, get details of the 3000. Looks like a link pointing to the wrong product, not an availability issue. Try it!

Hi Mike - Thanks! We’ll definitely keep an eye on it, as the UD-3900 units arrive at Amazon (hopefully) tomorrow. If anything is confusing about the listing, we’ll work with Amazon to fix it. Until then, there are no UD-3900 units available, so it wouldn’t be purchasable anyway. So please go ahead and send that ticket in if you’d like a quick email when it’s back in stock. Thanks again!

Thanks Bernie, I will write a note that I wish to purchase a 3900