The Plugable UD-CA1 for asus zenbook pro

this product Plugable USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery UD-CA1,compatible with ASUS zenbook pro 4k 2016model…
connector type c charged notebook??? thanks



Thanks for contacting Plugable support. I’d be happy to assist you! And your English is good! No problem.

Do you know the model # for the ASUS you’re inquiring about? I believe you’re interested in the ASUS UX501VW but if not let me know.

If the UX501VW is correct, it is compatible with our UD-CA1 for charging and USB-C video.

Thank you,

Joshua Henry

Plugable Technologies

hi I have a asus ux501vw it will charge the laptop with 60w on plugable ,becouse on my laptop is adapter 130w ?

and on hdmi output on 4k will be 30 hz or 60hz ?

front usb type c on plugable wil suport cable … usb type c >>> to Display port 60hz

The laptop will charge at 60W, just slower. At least based on reports from our other customers with this system.

The dock supports 4K @ 30Hz as mentioned on the product page.

The front USB-C port is only for USB data, it will not work for an additional video output.


But the second version of plugable will be with 60hz 4k and for charge will be more or 60w ?

So far, my CA-1 has not charged my Asus UX501VW.