The microscope only opens with my Logi Capture driver

My issue is with the microsoft sw finding Logi Capture and showing an image. However I am not able to change it to the settings for microsope and seeing an image. I get the message “The parameter is incorrect.” I saw the previous notice about accessing the device driver and locating the microscope driver. I verified that under Cameras there is a USB Microscope and that it stops working when unplugged and returns when it is plugged in again. I updated the driver as I saw you previously instructed. it installed with an event message of Device USB\VID_1E4E&PID_0109&MI_00\6&35df6b30&0&0000 requires further installation. The driver is Microsoft 6/21/2006 and is version 10.0.18362.1. I am stuck. The microscope features are not working with the Logitech drivers and I can’t get the Plugable SW to accept the USB Microscope change to settings. Is there an actual correct driver that will work?

Hello Dennis,

Thanks for reaching out to us! I do apologize for any trouble you’ve had, and I am here to help. I’d like to get some clarification about your setup. Are you using our USB2-MICRO-250X microscope with the suggested Digital Viewer? With respect, we are unable to accurately troubleshoot issues with Logitech software or hardware. If you could, please respond with some further information about your setup and I’ll be here to help!

Thank you,