The Eye(pieces) have it. A Usb Microscope today, tomorrow a Usb teleScope?

Has anyone looked into making your Usb Microscope into a telescope camera? I don’t have one, so I cannot tell it diameter or how filters might be fitted to it. Telescopes with interchangeable Eyepieces must use a standard size. Your unit could make any Telescope a new instrument, with a large display and unlimited Film for its camera. Wifi or cellular links could send images anywhere, for education or research. It might even serve as a long range data link.

Hi Jeffrey-

Thanks for posting!

I thought the same thing recently, so I’m glad to see that there is interest! I thought you might also be interested in this:…

I saw a pretty incredible demo featuring WWT (WorldWide telescope) once, and I can only imagine what possibilities might exist using WWT and GPS data to provide auto focus, etc.

One other bit people interested in this thread might want to take a look at is at the following link, arguably the most beautiful photo ever, and certainly in my opinion. In this perspective from the Cassini space probe, Earth appears as a tiny glowing dot near Saturn’s 2nd outermost ring, all backlit by the sun:…

I just bought it on Amazon. Such. A. Nerd. Lol.

It would be great to hear if anyone else would be interested in a USB telescope!