The Connection was cancelled due to time out or user action!??

trying to connect at a motel we have just checked into. connected just fine upon check-in but now will not. have stayed here before but have never encountered problems

using this product bought from amazon directly from plugable

Plugable USB 2.0 Wireless N 802.11n 150 Mbps Nano WiFi Network Adapter (Realtek RTL8188CUS Chipset) Plug & Play for Windows, Raspberry Pi and Pi2, Linux

Hi Colin - The message “The Connection was cancelled due to time out or user action” would likely be coming from the system the hotel uses for authenticating guest connections - it’s not an error the physical USB Wifi adapter can generate directly.

I know this can be tricky for hotels to help with.  Things I’d try:

  1. If it is a low-level Wifi issue, it’s probably a problem of distance to the router. Try different spots in the hotel room to see if that makes any difference
  2. While hotels aren’t great at solving tech problems, if you show them the Wifi problem, they may be able to offer an alternative like a wired connection.

Hope that background helps!

Thanks for the reply! My internal adapter connects but it is far slower than the plugin. is there a way to uninstall the plugin and than reinstall?

I’m not sure an uninstall and reinstall will help, but yes – Just run “device manager”.  Under “Network Adapters” find the USB Wifi device, right click to “uninstall”.  Then unplug / replug to have Windows re-install fresh drivers. But again, I’m not certain that will help in this circumstance.  Thanks again!

ok, so why would the old out of date adapter work but yours does not?

Not sure, but it could be because the hotel’s router is tracking each device that connects (each device has a unique ID called a MAC address).  The router would see your in-built Wifi adapter and the USB Wifi adapter as different devices. So they may authenticate (and cancel or time-out that authentication) separately for each of the two adapters.  

why is this now just happening? we have stayed here before and experienced no problems, i have tried to uninstall the device twice now and experienced the “blue screen of death” both times

If there has been a Windows crash, we may be able to get a picture of what’s going wrong from it. Could you run our debug tool and reply back with the .zip it generates?  Here’s how:

This may not be possible, however, until you get back home if the hotel room Wifi is slow with your built-in adapter.  There’s clearly something wrong, and while it’s difficult for us to know what’s special about the hotel environment, we can look at things in detail on the Windows side.

Thanks for your patience while we do what we can to help!