TBT4 Ethernet Disconnects on Thinkpad X1

I have a couple of issues and hoping you can assist.

Bought this the other day off Amazon AU and the box came with no security tape or plastic wrapping. The box appears to have been previously opened as some items inside are not in their plastic sleeves or bubble wrap. Not sure how to open up an enquiry regarding this with Plugable or Amazon directly. Their refund process has been terrible so far.

In installed the dock to use with my MacBook Pro M2 and appears to function as normal however when connected to my Thinkpad X1 Carbon, the Ethernet connection drops in an out multiple times until it eventually stabilises and retains the connection.

Can you share some insight into this issue?

Hello Ron,

Thank you for reaching out on the forum!

I am sorry to hear that you ran into issues with your Amazon Order, but I would be happy to help look into it.

To move forward with this, can you send us an email directly at support@plugable.com with the subject line “Ticket #411340”? Please include the Amazon Order ID for the purchase of the dock.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

thanks Evan I’ve sent through an email to your support.
I’ve also sent a video of the symptoms I’ve described above for your reference

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