TBT3-UDZ release date delayed again?

Been waiting for the TBT3-UDZ release for some time, it appears to have been delayed several times due to the pandemic. However, the last update we had on the progress was 3 months ago, which at the time was the first update we had received in far longer than that.

https://plugable.com/products/tbt3-udz. For that update in June, it states:

  • Last but not least, availability is expected globally in September! (More specific release date details to come.)

September is nearly over. Unless I somehow missed it or can’t find it, I don’t believe it’s either (1) been released nor (2) have “More specific release date details to come” been released.

Is there any update now? If it’s delayed, at least a “it won’t be available in September anymore” would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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