TBT3-UDV MacBook Pro 2018 with Mojave


I was using an inexpensive hub with my MacBook Pro 2018 connected to a 32" Curved Samsung Monitor. Stopped working with the monitor so I upgraded to the TBT3-UDV which I do like. However, still not working right. When I first got it, I connected to the monitor using the provided DP to HDMI adaptor. Did not work. After checking the Plugable website, I thought it might be an Apple problem so I contacted AppleCare. They researched it and sent it up the chain to engineering - I will hear back from them Monday. In the meantime, I followed AppleCare’s advise and purchase a DP - DP cable. The monitor now works – sort of. When I return to the sleeping computer, the Mac comes on right away but the monitor does not. I have to fiddle with turning the monitor on and off several times before it seems to connect and begin working. Better than nothing but. . .


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