TBT3-UDV macbook pro 16 - Blue light flashing slow


Up until yesterday the docking station worked well. Powering my Macbook 16, and a usb ducky keyboard. The was also a 27 inch display attached as second screen from the usb-c at the back to displayport on the monitor.
It suddenly stopped charging.
I rebooted the laptop, also power off / power on
pulled plug on docking and plugging in in other socket.
when re-powering, the green light on docking switches on, no extra peripherals get power from the back usb sockets… it used to power my keyboard before, now only the front usb is able to power the keyboard.
With no extra peripherals connected and using the Lightning cable I got with the docking station, connection the macbook nothing happens, only that the blue light that normally switches on solid blinks at a slow rate.
I got a warning before that there was a problem with usb connection… unfortunately it disappeared before I could properly read it …
I suspect there is something wrong with the power supply, but off course you are the specialists.
Please Help, this is my daily work setup.


Eric Janssens

For the benefit of anyone else following this thread, based on Eric’s description of the behavior we reached out to him directly so he could provide us with the Amazon Order ID number for his purchase and the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug → https://plugable.com/support/plugdebug/

He has provided this information, and we have just sent our direct reply providing him with the next steps.

This thread will be updated as needed based on the result.

Each support case is unique, so the best practice for anyone experiencing unexpected behavior is to reach out to us directly via support@plugable.com with the output of the aforementioned PlugDebug utility so that we may further assist.

Thank you,

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