TBT3-UDV 2 monitors - Thunderbolt working - DisplayPort is not working


I just bought a Thunderbolt 3 docking station with power delivery (TBT3-UDV).

I’m using it with a MacBook Pro 13-inch 2017 with Intel Iris Graphics 650. The MacBook is on High Sierra 10.13.4. I’m using the provided Thunderbolt 3 cable from the MacBook to the docking station.

I have a Dell Display with a DisplayPort cable and a Dell Display with a USB-C to HDMI cable from Plugable (Model USBC-HDMI-CABLE).

When I connect the docking station to the MacBook, only the display with the USB-C to HDMI cable works.

If I disconnect the USB-C to HDMI cable, the display using DP starts working.

Only when I reconnect the USB-C to HDMI cable both screens start working.

Every time my MacBook displays go to sleep, I have to disconnect and reconnect the USB-C to HDMI cable.

Is there a way to have both displays working every time I wake up my MacBook?

Hi Étienne,

Thanks for reaching out to us, I am sorry this is not working as expected.

I would like to start by getting some additional information from your system to help narrow down the cause of this display issue.

While the system is failing to detect one of the monitors, please perform the following:

  1. Open the “Apple > About This Mac” in the top left corner of the display
  2. Select the “System Report” button
  3. When this completes loading, select “File > Save…” from the top bar
  4. Save the system report to the desktop or other memorable location

Please send our support team an email at support@plugable.com with the subject line “Ticket #223134 - Attention Pat” and attach the system report to the email. This will hopefully point out the source of the problem causing the system to fail to detect the display.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies