TBT3-UDC3 w/ Lenovo P1 Gen2 Running Windows 10 for Workstations

I have this dock for several months and have had the same “awakening” problem that many others have had. Pluggable support gave me a patch to download but that only resolved the issue for a short while.

Now, in addition to the flickering, sometimes the display connected to the HDMI port does not receive any signal unless I unplug and replug the HDMI jack into the port. The other display, the one connected via the displayport, has no issues.

I’m truly surprised at the number of people who’ve had this problem and for how long it has existed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @DWH_Dockless,

Thanks for posting – sorry about the frustrations!

We’ve been in communication over email, so just to be provide some updates in this post:

  • This HDMI flicker issue has been most prevalent with the MacBook Pro 16", in which we do have an updated firmware available which addresses this. (That being said, we have had a few reports of this occuring with various Windows hosts too)
  • You provided a great piece of information which was that this problem has also been seen on a Lenovo docking station via its HDMI port, suggesting that this could be a greater compatibility issue
  • Lenovo has provided a Thunderbolt 3 firmware update for this laptop in which one of the past revisions “Fixed an issue where external monitor might not turn on when waking from sleep”. While this does not mention HDMI flickering, it may help with wake from sleep behavior

If anyone else is seeing similiar issues on a Lenovo computer, please do reach out.

Thank you!


Hi @Mitchell
The link you have provided to the firmware no longer works. It is a link to an S3 bucket that is not open to public so I cannot download the file.

I get an “access denied” error when I click on the link. Could you please provide a new link?

Hi @Matthew_Habibi,

Thanks for raising this! Apologies as well for the delay in getting back to you.

I have updated the firmware link on the original forum post you mentioned. Hopefully that helps, but do let me know if you run into any other issues.



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