TBT3-UDC3 Causing Kernel Panics on Mac 16"


I’m using the TBT3-UDC3 and every time I connect the HDMI it causes my Mac to have a kernel panic and crash. The only other item connected is an ethernet and before I connected the ethernet I was having the same issue. The only other variable is I’m connected to 220v power. I just bought this dock/hub and was very excited about it but this issue makes it un-usable. Please help.


Similar instability with my MBP 16" (Intel). It seems less stable after the 11.4 update. Maybe 1 in 5 times I connect to the hub via Thunderbolt, I get a panic.

@rhayesjr, thanks for posting! I see you’ve reached to us directly, and I’ve responded to you there.

@bitpuddle, thank you for reporting here and it is very interesting to hear that detail that this appears less stable after 11.4. We will test this internally with our MacBook Pro 16" to see if we can reproduce similiar results. In the meantime, could you please reach out to us directly as well at support@plugable.com? From there, we’ll gather some relevant purchase details and potentially logs to investigate further.

Thank you!


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