System slwos down significantly if laptop lid is closed


Just installed a new Plugable UD-160-A. We’re using several of these throughout the office. On one in particular, the system slows to a crawl if the laptop lid is closed while the plugable device is attached; however, if we open the lid and set to “Show Desktop only on 2” (the external monitor), it runs fine. Close the lid again, everything slows to a crawl. I’m using the most recent audio/video/usb-to-network drivers. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?



Hi James,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’ll be happy to help. To narrow down what could be causing your machine to slow down when you close the lid, I’ll need a few more details.

The main question I have is what operating systems are you running? Are they all the same? Also, if the machines are on the same OS, are they on the same DisplayLink driver versions?

With a little more detail I’ll be able to figure out the best way to get your new UD-160-A working better.


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Hi Jerome,

All operating systems are the same - Windows 7 Professional x64 with patching/updates current as of last Friday. The displaylink drivers are the same version. Machines are all Dells, with Intel i5 processors and 8 gigs of ram.


Hi James,

Thanks for checking that for me. Let check and see what it says under “Change what closing the lid does”. To get to that setting, just right click on the battery icon and choose power options. Select do nothing and see if that makes a difference.



Its already set to do nothing


Thanks James,

I’d like to have you run the DisplayLink Support Tool and forward the log files over to us at along with your Amazon Order Id, the serial number of the unit in question and a link to this thread. Here’s a link to instructions on how to run the support tool:…

Once we get the log files, we’ll figure out the best next steps.