SYNIC multiple receivers, and how to get them?

The USB2-SYNIC2 lists that it can do 1:n capability - I’m assuming that means one transmitter to multiple receivers. I don’t see any way to get additional receivers though. Am I understanding this correctly, and is there a way to purchase them?

Hi - Thanks for the interest and question!

Yes our usb wireless audio transmitter/receiver ( does have the ability for a single transmitter to be paired with multiple receivers, so USB audio is streamed wirelessly from one computer to several headphones or stereos.

However, we don’t sell the units separately yet. Only the USB2-SYNIC bundle of one transmitter and receiver. So you’ll have to buy this bundle, and unfortunately accumulate a few spare transmitters in order to get those extra receivers.

In coming months, we hope to separately launch a receiver and power adapter targeted at the 1-n case.

Sorry we don’t have things broken down yet - it’s this bundle of transmitter and receiver that’s obviously the most appropriate starter kit. But we expect that to change over time.

Notes on pairing: Hhold the button on the transmitter down until the LED shifts to blinking quickly. Then hold down the black “connect”/vol button on both receivers for several seconds (you must get to this before the transmitter stops pairing - visible when the blinking slows back to normal). You should hear a long beep from both transmitters at that point when pairing is successful. Then, when any audio is played on the computer, LEDs on the transmitter and two receivers should go solid (in use) you now have two active wireless audio outputs.

Thanks again for your interest and question!