Sync Only 10 Port Hub for iPads

I am looking for a 10 port USB Hub that I can use to Sync (only Sync) (not Charge) 10 iPads simultaneously, will yours work?

Hi David,

Thanks for asking ahead! As you already implied, sync+charge for 10 iPads isn’t possible with any normal hub.

For just sync, it might work – the key is that the average power draw while syncing of each iPad would need to be 250mA – this is to fit within the 2.5A available with the power adapter of our 10 port hub.

Apple doesn’t document the power needs of their devices. But we can do some tests here to get some rough numbers for the iPads we have, in terms of power draw while syncing. If you’re interested, we can do that next week (these are numbers I’ve been curious about myself).

We have a 1st gen iPad and a current gen iPad mini available here to test. Can you say which models of iPad you’ll be looking to sync?

Thanks again!

Hey Bernie,
First, thanks for the quick response! The iPads will be iPad2, and yes if you can test one and let me know what you think, that would be very helpful. If you need any other information please let me know.

Thanks Much, David Hery

Hi David,

It may take a few days for us to run this test, because we have iPads on both sides of that one – a 1st gen, and a 3rd gen. I think the 1st and 2nd gen behaviors will be the same. But we’ll see if we can track down a 2nd gen.

Thanks for your patience while we do that!

Hi David,

Here’s what we found…

Based on our tests, it seems like theres a good chance it will work. We’ve also had a customer report being able to sync 10 iPad 1 and iPad 2 devices through a 10 port hub.

If you do try and it doesn’t work, we’ll be happy to get you a full refund. We’d love to hear how it goes, either successful or not!


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