Switch B not detecting USB Device, Switch A works great


Have an issue where the device plugged into my USB 2.0 Sharing switch is not being recognize when I switch to B. Switch A works just fine - Switch to B … nothing - wait 10 seconds - switch back to A - Detected right away and works fine - Switch back to B nothing. Not using any extensions. Brand new out of the box & using USB A to B 10 ft. cables

It did work once; but when I switched back to A - I now can’t get it to detect the USB device on switch B - I’ve unplugged everything and re-plugged everything back in and still nothing.


Hi Shokra,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! Sorry to hear about the issues with your USB switch.

Does this issue still occur on the same port if you 1) swap the USB cables, or 2) swap computers from port A to port B? This will help isolate the cause to the USB switch, a USB cable, or a certain computer. Example setups for testing below:

Current setup: Computer A > USB cable A > USB switch port A and Computer B > USB cable B > USB switch port B
Test 1: Computer A > *USB cable B* > USB switch port A and Computer B > USB cable A > *USB switch port B*
Test 2: Computer A > USB cable A > *USB switch port B* and Computer B > USB cable B > *USB switch port A*

If the issue seems to be a certain computer, try different USB ports on that computer (USB 2.0, USB 3.) to determine if it affects all USB ports or only certain ones.

Please reach out to support@plugable.com with your results. Once I have a bit more information about the nature of the behavior, I can provide next steps.

Thank you,
Plugable Technologies