Surface Pro with UD-3000 - keeps detecting new devices (with no hardware changes)


I just installed a UD-3000 with my Surface Pro. Things are basically working, except I keep getting the audio notification that PnP has detected a new device even though there are no hardware changes happening. Then, after some time, I get the audio notification that a device has been disconnected. The process then repeats. There is no discernible pattern that I can find.

This happens repeatedly while the UD-3000 is connected to the Surface Pro. It happens even when there are no other USB devices connected to the UD-3000. I can reproduce this when there is only a DVI monitor plugged in.

Any thoughts on why this might be happening?


The problem seems to have been resolved by power cycling the UD-3000 and rebooting the Surface.


Hi David,

Fantastic! Thanks for posting and letting us know that the issue is resolved! If you ever need any help or information regarding any of our products, please do feel free to shoot us an email at We are here to help!