Surface Pro Install no monitors

I am hooking up a Surface pro to the Docking Station 3.0. I have two external monitors with both using a DVI connection. One directly to the docking station, and the other to the DVI/HDMI adapter. I have ran all updates to the Windows 8 and I have installed the Displaylink drivers. But I am not getting any connection to the monitors. Help

Hi Marci,

Thanks for contacting us! We’ll be happy to help. It’s likely to be something about driver install or configuration (for example, Windows 8.1 requires DispayLink drivers version 7.4 or later).

If you could email us with the output of our support tool, it’ll help identify what might be wrong and next steps. Here’s how:

Thanks for emailing that .zip file to us at

And thanks for your patience while we figure out next steps!