Surface Pro and UD-PRO8

Hi all,
I just want to let you know that Surface Pro (Original version, 128G) works with not only UD-3900 (which is expected to be compatible), but also with UD-PRO8! Thank you, Plugable, to include USB to USB mini cable!!! (for some reason, my other cable did not work)

Note: I have not tried the ethernet function. (and of course, it won’t charge Surface Pro!)

Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, absolutely - while it only charges the specific Windows tablets its designed for, we included that extra cable so all the other functions of the dock will work with any regular Windows PC. Thanks again!

Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies

Thanks again for the cable, and also for the compatibility between these units! It is a huge deal for me because I have Surface Pro (w/ UD-3900) at work and Dell Venue 8 Pro (w/ UD-PRO8) at home. Unfortunately, my Venue 8 Pro has been experiencing a major issue with its motherboard and LSD panel, and send back to Dell for several times now. I was wondering what should I do with UD-PRO8, but now I know that Surface Pro works, I can bring Surface Pro to home!

Having an access to a larger screen helps me a lot, especially with Surface Pro’s badly designed kickstand. I know that you need only a display adapter for Surface Pro to connect to an external display. However, for some reason, mine limits itself to a lower resolution than it is capable of when I connect to any external screen. It works fine for presentations, but for actual work, it is very annoying. I have called Microsoft, and only thing they can recommend is a complete restore, which I do not want to do… Plus, Surface Pro only has one USB port, and I am getting sick of removing my USB mouth received whenever I have to connect other devices. Thus, UD-3900 and UD-PRO8 have been lifesavers for me!