Surface Pro 4 and Macbook Pro with HDMI and 4K?

I have added a new 32-inch 4K monitor alongside my 27-inch HDMI monitor which I am using for photo and video editing hobbies with my 2017 Macbook Pro. So I was planning to get your USB-C 4K docking station to clean up my desktop.

What’s changed is now that I work from home, I have a Surface Pro 4 that I use during the day and would like to use both monitors as well to maximize my workspace. Do I need to buy a UD-3900 too to make this work? Although I am sure I could buy both docking stations, is there a more optimal solution? What is your recommendation?

I saw the following post, and I am guessing the answer is probably somewhat similar, but just want to check for sure in case you have a recommendation.

Thanks for the great products!


HI Bill,

Thank you for posting, and for the detail you provided.

Unfortunately and as you suspect, we do not offer a single product that is compatible and supported with both of your systems.

If you require a single product that works with both systems, then I am afraid we do not have a solution to offer.

Apologies that we could not be of more help in this specific case…

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

P.S The UD-3900 dock you mention is only supported on Windows systems, and it does not support 4K displays. When used with a Windows system, the maximum resolution supported when two displays are connected to the UD-3900 dock is 1920x1200 (lower resolutions such as 1920x1080 also supported).

P.P.S The USB-C Triple 4K docking station you mention (UD-ULTC4K) is also only supported on Windows systems. It is not supported on macOS systems.

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