Surface Pro 3 UD3900 No Internet

I have a surface pro 3 and the ud3900 with two displays ( one connected direct to surface dock thru mini DSP, second is DVI thru ud3900) First couple of days things worked well but today I noticed some serious lag in the display with switching windows and internet loads. I disconnected the ud3900, restarted the surface and things were normal again.

Looking through the forms I saw the clean tool and the newest driver (7.7). ran the cleaner, loaded the driver, restarted the surface, cycled pwr on the ud3900 then plugged the usb3 back in. Display looked much better and more responsive, but now I have no internet. I am able to open network drives and outlook, but neither chrome or IE will connect, just states that the page cannot be displayed.

Surface Pro 3 with dock
Surface dock to monitor 1 with mini DSP
Surface dock USB3 to UD3900 with DVI to monitor 2

appreciate any help


Hi Mark,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry things aren’t working properly. I’d be happy to help.

Thank you for the detailed description of the steps you have taken so far, that really helps.

Updating to the latest DisplayLink drivers is a good start, but your network issues are not something I have seen before. Are you using the Ethernet port in the docking station for your connection to your network or are you using the wireless card integrated into the Surface? The fact that you can access network shares and email fine but the browsers do not display web pages is unusual.

If you could clarify how you are connecting to the network (either via the dock or Surface WiFi) and send us the output of our PlugDebug utility ( to with ‘Ticket 87200’ in the subject line we will be able to see in more detail what might be happening. If possible please run the program in the ‘broken’ state (no web pages, but network drives work) with all the devices (dock, monitor, etc.) connected.

Once we have that information we can determine the next steps.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies