Surface Pro 3 Boots to a white screen after Windows 10 update if Pluggable UD-3900 attached

After upgrading to Windows 10 (ISO upgrade) When I power up my Surface Pro 3 and the USB 3 cable is attached, the PC boots to a white screen and locks. If I remove the USB 3 cable before the boot and replace it afterwards, everything works fine. I have one monitor, a mouse and a portable HD running of the UD3900. All work fine if the USB3 cable is plugged into the PC after it boots up.

According to MS I have all the latest firmware and updates installed. I ran the pluggable clean utility and installed the latest drivers. No change no matter what I do

Any ideas?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to help with your docking station.

I’ve not run into a case where our dock causes the behavior you describe, curious if we can help get to the bottom of it. Thanks for including the great detail about your setup, and the one thing that jumps out is the fact that the you have a portable hard drive connected to the dock. As a test, can you disconnect the hard drive from the dock and test again to see if the behavior is different?

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies