Surface HDMI Monitor Display Issue

Bought USB 3.0 docking station for two monitors from amazon. I attached my surface and had my samsum T27B350 via HDMI. it worked once and next day now when I connect to it again my Samsung monitor try to show the extended monitor from surface and goes black. I tested my hdmi cable and monitor with my laptop connected directly and it is working fine. Not sure what to do. I am really frustrated.

I am having this same problem with a Surface Pro 3. Well similiar. Had no problems for a couple of weeks. Now when I plug in to a Surface Pro 3 the external monitors attached to the UD-3900 are recognized, but nothing ends up on the display. Yet if I say bring up the screen resolution control panel it is put on one of the other monitors and I cant see it to even disable the external monitors.

If I plug the UD-3900 into another laptop the displays work properly.