Surface book screen very small font when used with Plugable 3.0

I jst bought a Microsoft Surface Book. I plugged it into my Plugable 3.0, loaded the drivers and the dual screens loaded fine, but the Surface Book screen/font sizes are tiny and unreadable. Changing the display settings only affects the additional 17" monitor. Is this a Plugable or Microsoft issue?

Thanks for posting! Assuming you are using our docking station and based on your description, it sounds like Windows may be scaling the image on your Surface Book and that is causing the small screen/font sizes. We published a blog post about scaling behavior here –>… in case you were interested in learning more.

This behavior is not the result of the dock, but of Windows itself, and tends to affect those using a system with a very high resolution internal display (like your Surface Book) in conjunction with lower-resolution external displays. A common workaround to subvert this behavior would be to have Windows set the display scaling to 100% (following part 4 of this guide –>…). This should prevent Windows from scaling the content on all the displays.

If this helps, great! If not please contact us directly at and reference Ticket #134850 and we will go from there!

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies