Support two monitors with laptop lead closed

I have connected Lenovo 900 yoga laptop to two external monitors using UD-3900. The set up works fine but now I have three monitors; 1) Lenovo Laptop 2) Monitor 1 and 3) Monitor 3. How do I close laptop lead and just use two external monitors? On the laptop, I changed power setting so, with lead close, it does nothing. Any suggestions?

Hi Dilip,

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Just so that I am understanding your question correctly, you are able to utilize the external two displays that you have connected to the docking station, but when you close the lid, you are not able to access any icons or applications?

When you connect the two external displays, head to the Display Settings menu, select one of the external monitors (usually indicated by a specific number, if you do not know which display is which, click the “Identify” button and it will show a number on each screen, showing you how windows identifies it) then, set one of the external displays as the “Primary Monitor” this will then allow you to open and use applications and icons on the external monitors, while the laptop lid is closed.

I hope this information helps, let me know if I have misunderstood your question, I want to make sure I am able to answer it correctly!

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