Support for HP Probook 640 G2


I was wondering if this dock is compatible with the HP Probook 640 G2.
The version I have should be a Skylake i5 6300.


Hi Jaychu,

Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, looking at the specifications for the HP ProBook 640 G2 (, it appears that the USB-C port does not support features such as host charging (Power Delivery) or Alternate Mode (Alt Mode) video. Our USB-C docks rely on compatible USB-C ports in order to function properly, so I’m afraid the Plugable UD-ULTCDL will not be compatible.

Our USB 3.0 docks would be compatible, but I understand that these may not offer the features that you desire. If you’re still interested, just let me know and I’d glad to provide more details.

Sorry to bear the disappointing news!


Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for your reply! So it looks like based on what you’ve identified, I won’t be able to use a display over the type c port. At this point, are there any usb 3.0 docks that would be able to handle 2 displays in hdmi / display port inputs?


We do offer USB 3.0 docking stations that have HDMI / DisplayPort outputs.

Our USB 3.0 Dual 4K Display Docking Stations have HDMI and/or DisplayPort outputs. The UD-6950 provides two DisplayPort++ outputs, where the UD-6950H has more flexibility with two HDMI and two DisplayPort ports. Please see their product pages below for more information:

Please be aware that USB 3.0 docking stations do not charge their host system.

Feel free to let me know if you have further questions and I’d be glad to help clarify.


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