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Your FAQ’s are never updated with the solution that was applied. You only tell your customers to run the diagnostic and send you the zip file. This is not the support I expected from a FAQ area.

I have had nothing but problems since I purchased this docking station. I have sent 4 diagnostic files over to your team and I even offered to set up a WebEx at my own expense for your people to set some time aside and work on the problems. I have even offered to make myself available for a call from your support team. Neither of the last two options have been accepted or provided by your personnel.
Now to top it off, your solutions that are suppose to be published via your online support are never there. Why is that? And, why would anyone purchase a product that has such limited support?

Now the sound has quit on this docking station. The sole purpose of me purchasing your upgraded model was to maintain the sound from my laptop while your Plugable 3.0 Docking Station was connected to my Dell Docking station and supporting my 3 monitors and laptop (that screen as well) with independent views on each.

I’m starting to think I should return your product due to the fact that what you advertised with this Plugable 3.0 docking station was false. Plugable isn’t very pluggable is it.


Hello, My name is David and I am a Technical Support Lead at Plugable. Thank you for commenting on our forums and we are very sorry for the support experience you have had. We’ve been attempting to work with you directly in the ‘main’ support thread that we have with you using ticket number “289998”, but it seems that our responses with steps have not been making it to you. We’ve replied to your December 29th email on December 30th with troubleshooting steps, and attempted to follow up on January 3rd with the same steps and another separate email that seemed to have make it to you. It appears that our emails with troubleshooting steps are not making it to you since they include a screenshot attachment in our reply. We will retry without this attachment to continue trying to help.

We do make mention that we only provide email based support on our Amazon listings. We certainly do understand that our support method is not for everyone and a return for refund is always an option as we do not want you to feel stuck with support that does not meet your requirements.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

Hi Dave,

I’m sorry for the communications issues, and we are always happy to help.

I have reviewed the updated log files along with the pictures, and those are very helpful. In the latest images I see that you’ve been using the Intel Graphics Control Panel to change the display settings and it is expected behavior for the Intel control panel to only see the monitors that are connected to the Intel graphics card, you will not be able to see the DisplayLink connected monitor via the Intel interface. I have also verified with my setup that I see the same thing when using the Intel Graphics Control Panel on my computer (doesn’t show the DisplayLink connected monitor.)

I’ve re-reviewed this ticket and checked the DisplayLink support pages and I don’t see any compatibility issues with your video drivers that would cause the problems that you’re seeing so I’ve re-created your setup here on my computer so I can provide specific instructions on how to make the changes that I think are necessary. Hopefully this helps, but if your computer is not able to work with our device the way you need it to we’d be happy to give you a full refund if you’d like to return the device.

I’m sorry if this is a duplicate of what you’ve already attempted, however can you please review these steps and let us know if you are able to perform these steps on your computer or if it prevents you from making the changes.

  1. Right-click on your Windows desktop and choose Display Settings

  2. Click on the image of the monitor that displays as “1|4” at the top of the window

  3. Scroll down to the Multiple displays drop-down menu and select “Extend desktop on 1 and 4” (see attached screenshot)

  4. Click on Keep Changes when prompted

I hope that these steps help the situation, but please do let us know if you do not have the ability to choose the “extend desktop on 1 and 4” option on your computer.

Please do let us know how you’d like us to proceed on this issue, and what the results are after proceeding through the above steps.


-Andrew T.

Plugable Technologies

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