Suddenly, No Sound from Speakers!

My Dell Sound Bar speakers stopped working with my Pro8 Docking Station. It has been working just fine. Today, I turned everything on like normal, but I can’t get any thing but static or silence from my speakers connected to the hub. When I connect these same speakers directly into my Dell Venue Pro 8, they sound just fine.

Something is happening with the sound output from my Pugable Pro8 Docking Station. This has happened a few times before, but shutting down and re-booting everything seemed to fix it, but not today.

Any reasons why?


Sorry to hear about this issue.

If you open the audio control panel, you should have several options to choose from and to set a default audio device. I’d double check to see what is currently set as the default.

Here’s a good tutorial on how to change the audio output:…

Best wishes.

Yes, I’ve done that several times. When sat to default to play through the tablet, it works fine, but the sound is tinny coming from such small tablet speakers. If I change this to my default through the Plugable, no sound comes out though I can see the volume indicator moving up and down with the sound that should be playing. It’s done this several times, but this time seems permanent. I did mention this happening first right after I got the Plugable.

Thanks for the information. It’s possible there is an issue with the speaker output. We could try sending a pretested replacement dock under warranty.

I’ll contact you directly via email to collect some information.