Stuck on "Removing Device..."

Trying to remove and re-pair a bluetooth headset in Win 10, using Plugable’s USB-BT4LE Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter, and the status is stuck on “Removing device…”

And I mean STUCK.


Thank you for posting about your Bluetooth adapter.

I’m sorry to say that the situation of devices remaining on the Bluetooth page even after you click Remove Device is a Windows bug. What happens is that the device isn’t being removed from the registry, so it just stays in the settings.

If you Google “can’t remove Bluetooth device windows 10” you can see a lot of comments about this.

Typically in my experience, you should be able to make your device discoverable and a new icon will appear for it in the settings. If this isn’t working for you, there may be a deeper issue with the drivers.

If that is the case, we have a debugging program that can help. With the adapter plugged in, please go to this link and follow the instructions there:

It will create a zip file on your desktop named after your computer. Please send that directly to us at and mention ticket number 124847.


Plugable Support

I’m closing this thread, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at Thanks!