Streaming issues when using Plugable 7-Port for external display

It looks like some others are experiencing similar issues but not quite the same thing I am. I am having difficulty streaming videos while plugged into my external display hub. I have the USB 3.0 7-port hub and 6 external screens w/adapters. The set up works pretty well (some bugs) but the whole system glitches and freezes up when I try to stream Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix. I contacted Amazon and they were able to show me that when I disconnect the hub that my titles play fine and the rest of my apps work fine too. It’s only when I’m plugged into Plugable that the issues begin.

I am hopeful that this can be resolved because I actually used this system along with streaming movies for quite some time before the issue began. I can’t place a particular time when it began but it did run fine for some time after installing Windows 10 and after adding the 2nd set of 3 screens (6 total).

I’ve ran the plugdebug application and emailed the data. Hopefully, you have a solution for me.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for contacting us and I’ll be happy to help!

Thanks for the description of the behavior you are seeing. Just to clarify, since you mention the streaming movies worked before, were you streaming from the same services like Amazon, Hulu or Netflix? I ask because the behavior you describe sounds like what would happen when playing HDCP copy protected content over DisplayLink attached displays. Our adapters, which run the DisplayLink technology, does not support transmission of HDCP copy protected content that these streaming services utilize. As a test and if available, you can connect your monitors directly to your system and play back titles from these services and this is the only potential workaround for this situation and is a similar test to what Amazon had you preform.

Please let us know the additional clarification when you have a moment and we’ll go from there.

Also, we certainly do not want you to be stuck with devices that do not meet your needs and understood if you would rather return our products for a refund if the above workaround is undesirable. Please reach out to us directly at, reference ‘Ticket Number 148168’ in the subject line and we’ll be happy to assist with this process.



It was those three before…mostly Amazon. It used to work beautifully!

I tried what you have suggested for comparison. Watching video playback through the Plugable adapters and hub is like listening to a dusty record with a worn out needle.

Of course, I do not want to send back my hub and adapters because they are indispensable to my work and I cannot plug 6 monitors into my computer either. Do you have any other work arounds?

I think it is notable that even when I try to stream this content on my laptop screen that I am unable to do so when connected to the other screens via Plugable products. I can’t help bu think that there is room for a patch to this problem since that screen is not directly associated with the DisplayLink tech.

Just out of curiosity, why wouldn’t DisplayLink create Hubs and Adapters that stream this content? It would just make sense that anyone with 7 screens would likely want to also watch a movie while they work on the other 100 things they do at once, lol.

I’m not complaining, just so you know. I’m very impressed with the products I’ve bought and I’m grateful for the affordability of the setup I have. The other options I looked into were not reasonably priced at all so I was overjoyed to find what I found for the price you guys offered it.

One more question, does DisplayLink have upgraded tech that would accomodate HDCP content? Will it in the future? Possibly a license could be purchased or something so that I could use it for this purpose?