Storing screen selection for applications

I have an application running on a WIN-XP machine that opens 3-separate windows. I have a USD to HDMI and USB to VGA which gives me 3 screens. Is there a way the store the placement of each window so that they populate the same screen whenever the application is opened?

Hi Gee,

Thanks for reaching out to us, I’d be more than happy to answer your question regarding saving application placement preferences on multiple monitors.

Unfortunately, Windows is responsible for determining where a program will open, so there is not much the DisplayLink drivers can do to change where an application opens. There are some third-party programs like ActualMultipleMonitor, MultiMon, UltraMon, and DisplayFusion that can provide this type of control:……

As a note, we’ve not done any testing with these third-party applications, so we can’t guarantee that things will work properly. Your best bet is to try the demo to see if it works well with the DisplayLink drivers.


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