Sticky window assignments across multiple monitors

“Sticky” window assignment–What tool are you using?

I notice after reboot (and sometimes after wake from sleep?), all the windows that were open on my Plugable monitor move to my laptop monitor instead. Then I have to move them all back.

What software are you using to solve this problem?

I’ve tried:

  • Built-in Win10 Multiple Desktops – Doesn’t solve the problem. All desktops empty after reboot.
  • FancyZones (PowerToys) – Doesn’t solve the problem. Creates zones but doesn’t assign anything permanently.
  • DisplayFusion – Works for apps, but not for individual windows of each app. (Multiple browser windows is one example.)

So, what have you found that can store and recall, individual windows of every running app, allowing restoration to multiple monitors?

Btw, my setup is 3 monitors: Laptop, HDMI, Plugable, with desktop extended across them.


Thanks for reaching out!

Windows that move around are usually caused by slow enumeration – Windows is sometimes slow to make a connection with a USB device after wake/reboot. If Windows starts setting up the displays before the USB adapters are enumerated, all of the windows will move around because those displays are technically not connected to the system yet.

This is common if your machine is overloaded with startup apps or is just a low-performer in general. Windows won’t have the available resources to get devices online before other tasks are completed. First, I’d recommend having task manager open while you boot/wake and see if your system resources are under heavy load.

As far as an app that will remember the location of certain apps, DisplayLink recommends Actual Multiple Monitors.

Thanks Sam. Interesting about the USB adapter being slow to enumerate, I was kind of guessing something along those lines (although I didn’t know what to call it). My machine isn’t a low-performer, but I do run a lot of programs (several with multiple windows each). They’re not startup programs which is why I notice the problem on wake. I’ll keep an eye on task manager. And thanks for the recommendation, I’ll give Actual a try.

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