Static-type interference through Plugable Docking Station microphone recording...


Does anyone know why my headset microphone would record beautiful and clear audio when setting up (testing), but then sound awful with a kind of static interference (almost robot-sounding) (and seemingly sped up also) after recording a screencapture video?


Hello James,

I am sorry to hear this. So I can understand the problem a little better, how are you recording the video/audio?

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I am using a couple of different online screencapture services (both of which use JAVA I believe. Ex: I have come to the conclusion that the act of actually using the service somehow interferes with the signal through the docking station microphone port, as there is no problem whatsoever with the output when performing the task any other way, such as with a harddrive-based screen recording program. (Nor any problem with the screencast service when performed with the same headset/microphone with a different computer /not/ through the docking station).
Just for the hell of it, I have a USB adaptor coming to try through that port on the back of the dock instead of with the front 3.5mm jacks.
But if you have any insight in the mean time, I’m all ears :wink:


Hi James,

Thank you for clearing this up for me. I believe this is an overall bandwidth issue and how these screencast programs record. There might be some on the fly compressing going on to minimize the recording to keep up with the live recording… (I am honestly just guessing at this point).

We personally have used hardware based capturing methods which did not have any problems with our products.

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Thank you for your replies Patric. I believe you may be correct with your guess.
As an update for any readers of this thread/issue, I have just found that using a USB adapter for my headset/microphone has SOLVED the issue.