Standby parameter adjustment?

You guys have a great support forum!

I love the Plugable U3 and just upgrated it to 2447, which so far seems to fix the random dropping of the 3.0 connection. Another quick question: is there any way to change or eliminate the default 20-minute power standby?


Hi Scott!

Thanks for posting and for your question!

It seems that the 20 minutes standby is hardwired in the code. You wouldn’t be able to decrease the time, but you could increase it.

A possible way to do this would be to use a 3rd party program such as NoSleepHD (Open Source, so it’s free).

Unfortunately we haven’t tried it yet, so we cannot safely recommend it. If this isn’t urgent give us a couple of days and we’ll investigate this further and test it. (Got plenty of testing HDDs in the office here).

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Lampros; please let me know what you find out. I would probably want to lengthen the period before the U3 goes to sleep to several hours or even turn it off.



We are still investigating this to find an ideal solution. In the meanwhile, can you give us some more specific information on your setup?

* OS ?
* Make/Brand of USB 3.0 Controller?
* Have you tried changing the sleep settings through ‘Control Panel’->‘System and Security’->‘Power Options’->click ‘Change plan settings’ on the plan you are using->‘Change advanced power settings’->Expand ‘Hard disk’->Expand ‘Turn off hard disk after’->Change the setting to ‘Never’ (This is what is should look like on Win 7)

Does that work for you?