SpyderPro Profiles

I have a directly connected monitor, and a UGA-125, with driver 5.6.31854.0. Works really great. I recently used the ColorVision Spyder Pro to calibrate both monitors on my PC. The direct monitor looks different now, as I would expect it to be, but the UGA-125 monitor still looks the same-even though it looks different to the main monitor. My question is - does displaylink support profiles like those created by Spyder-Pro?

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for posting! I know that DisplayLink does not have any special support for Color Calibration, but depends on Windows 7, which does indeed have support for it.

From reading various posts from different forums, my understanding is that as long as you have the latest drivers for the GPU of your system, you can use SpyderPro to do color calibration on your external monitors on Windows 7. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a definite answer because of my lack of expertise using SpyderPro.

We would have to do more research to figure out if you need to do anything special to set the profile created by calibrating the external monitor. If you want us to do that, it would be helpful if you can post back with your system specs and the version of Windows that is installed on your system.

If you do manage to get the external monitor to display with the profile created by SpyderPro before we figure whether and how it can be done, we would appreciate you posting back and letting us know.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at suppot@plugable.com. We would love to help!