SPP Profile Support in Windows 10 for connected Bluetooth LE Devices

I have purchased the Bluetooth 2.0 USB adapter. The documentation indicates that the adapter will create a serial com port when connected, however I wanted to confirm it will create the port in Windows 10 when connected to a Bluetooth LE device.

I have an Adafruit M0 Bluefruit LE development board that will be streaming sensor data via it integrated Bluetooth LE Nordic nRF51822 chipset. We have a Python based windows application running on the PC and it needs to see a COM port of some kind to receive data from the Arduino board.



This was resolved as a support ticket submitted to us. For reference, this was what had been determined:

Unfortunately the development board is only capable of using Bluetooth LE, and not Bluetooth Classic. Because of this, there isn’t a way to address it as a COM port, as the SPP profile requires Bluetooth Classic.

Options are likely as follows:

• Use a development board that is capable of using Bluetooth Classic and the SPP profile so that the Python software will function with it.
• Rewrite the Python program in a different programming language supported by Universal Windows Platform development that can work directly with BLE instead of using a COM port — https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/wind…
• Use a different platform for the Python program such as Linux, macOS, or Windows IoT Core where Python can be used to work with BLE. (As of now the Plugable Bluetooth adapter does not support Windows IoT Core or macOS/OS X.)